Alexander Creek Lodge: Something for everyone!907-231-7000

Alexander Creek Lodge: Something for everyone!907-231-7000


About us:

Who we are:

All started in April 1990.

In 1989, I finally passed my flight instructor helicopter rating in Long Beach, California, and started flying every day building up my flight time.

Just passing 1‘000 hours in Dezember 1989. Having months I flew over 200 hours per month, burned my joy of flying off real fast.

In March 1990 I got a call from ERA helicopters from Anchorage Alaska, asking me if I am interested in helping out with the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill clean up, offering me a co-pilot position in a Bell 212/412 helicopter.

Just about 3 seconds later in April 1990 I accepted the offer and started my 135 training in Alaska.

That changed my life completely and I started falling in Love with this incredible awesome State and soon was hooked for life.

Today, 34 years later, my son Niccolo has found the same passion and fallen in love as well. Alaska, the last frontier, the land of freedom and endless possibilities.

I hope, that if you visit our Lodge, we can show you a small part of our passion and perhaps give you many unforgettable memories for life.

And remember, this is a family operation operated by friends and family. ;)

Thank you for choosing Alexander Creek Lodge.

Niccolo, Anita and Hans Tobler